A Bit Of Both: Most Employees Want A Hybrid Work Solution

A Bit Of Both: Most Employees Want A Hybrid Work Solution

The future of work

Every week new tensions crop up at companies — big and small — all around the world over one key question: what's the right balance between fully in-office and fully at-home for employees?

I want to WFH (sometimes)

We've summarized the conclusions of a great survey from Gallup in the chart, and the conclusions are pretty straightforward — most people want a little bit of both.

Pre-pandemic, just 8% of remote-capable jobs were actually done exclusively from home, a proportion that has jumped almost 5x, to 39%, as of February of this year.

But interestingly, most employees surveyed — 59% to be exact — would actually prefer a hybrid working arrangement, which is more than the 32% that would like to be exclusively remote, and way ahead of the 9% that would like to be fully on-site.

Read More: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/390632/future-hybrid-work-key-questions-answered-data.aspx

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