Vaccinated Travellers No Longer Need PCR Test When Arriving In Bali

Vaccinated Travellers No Longer Need PCR Test When Arriving In Bali

Vaccinated travelers are no longer required to take a Covid-19 pre-departure test before entering Bali, Indonesia. The news arrived on Tuesday (17 May) – with the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, announcing that “domestic and international travelers who are fully vaccinated no longer need to take PCR (polymerase chain reaction) or antigen swab tests,” when arriving into Indonesia. The same applies for visitors entering the nation’s most popular hotspot for tourists – Bali – which had removed its quarantine rules and reinstated its visa on arrival option, since march 7. Basically, if you are fully vaccinated, entering Indonesia is virtually the same as what it was in pre-pandemic times, although that does include some extra steps.

What Are The Remaining Entry Rules For Fully Vaccinated Travelers Wanting To Visit Bali? Although the requirement for travelers to undergo a pre-departure Covid-19 test when entering Bali has been lifted – there are still a number of rules that fully vaccinated visitors are still required to adhere to in order to enter – which includes American, Canadian and British travelers. However, the list is not exhaustive – and the following are the only remaining entry requirements for fully vaccinated travelers wanting to visit Bali right now:

  • Show proof of your full vaccination against Covid-19 – to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ you must’ve received the second dose of your vaccine at least 14 days prior your departure. Travelers aged between 0-17 years are not required to show proof of vaccination
  • Download the Peduli Lindungi application before your arrival – you are required to create an account and register your details on this
  • Purchase travel insurance which covers you for any Covid-19 medical expenses
  • Obtain a visa on arrival – this is currently available for nationals from 60 countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The cost of this visa is US$35.
  • Register your e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration) – for those arriving into Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport this is done online here. However, if you are arriving into the main airport in the country’s capital of Jakarta, you will need to complete the online form here.
  • Show the details of your flight out of Bali.


So it really is as easy as that for fully vaccinated travelers including Americans, Canadians and Brits – to now enter Bali. As of right now, however, unvaccinated travelers are not permitted to enter Indonesia for non-essential reasons – including Bali. Bali Joins Other Popular Southeast Asian Destinations In Removing Its Pre-Departure Covid Testing Requirement. There is no doubt that the removal of the requirement for all fully vaccinated travelers to undergo pre-departure Covid-19 testing prior to arriving into Bali will be welcomed by all of those looking to once again visit this stunningly beautiful Indonesian province. And, it also means that Bali has followed in the footsteps of other popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia that have also recently removed their pre-departure Covid testing requirements – which includes the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Laos.

Wearing A Mask Outdoors In Bali Is Now Optional. As well as announcing that fully vaccinated travelers entering Bali no longer need to take a pre-departure Covid test, the nation’s President, Widodo, also explained that the rules on wearing a mask outdoors were also being relaxed: “If people are conducting activities in outdoor spaces which are not crowded, they are allowed to not wear masks. However, for indoor activities and on public transportation, (people) must still wear masks.” What It’s Like Traveling In Bali Right Now. Just two weeks ago, one of our travel writers, Marvin Scholz, wrote about his personal experience when traveling to Bali, Indonesia – in which he described travelers as having the “rare chance” right now to “experience Bali all to themselves,” due to a current lack of tourists in the region. Although at the time of writing there was still a requirement for him to undergo a pre-departure Covid-19 test – which is now no longer required – the article does show how simple and straightforward it is to enter Bali right now.

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