Minister Predicts Retail Is The Future Of Tourism In Bali

Minister Predicts Retail Is The Future Of Tourism In Bali

Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno Forecasts Retail-led Tourism Surge in Bali

Indonesia's Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, has provided insights into the future of the country's tourism sector. Speaking at the Indonesia Retail Summit in Jakarta, Minister Uno shared how Indonesia is poised to exceed its 2023 tourism targets and highlighted the evolving landscape of the industry. With revisions projecting international tourist arrivals at 8.5 million, Minister Uno suggested that this figure might reach 10 million this year, marking a potential increase of 20-25% above the most optimistic projection.

Tourism Projections and Retail Integration:

  • Minister Uno revealed that Indonesia is on track to surpass its 2023 tourism targets, with an anticipated rise of 20-25% in international tourist arrivals.
  • He emphasized the role of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in guiding the performance of actors in the tourism and creative economy sectors.
  • The Minister emphasized the increasing desire among tourists to shop during their vacations, particularly in Bali, the country's leading destination.
  • Minister Uno encouraged the retail sector to prepare for this surge in tourists seeking shopping experiences.

Transitioning to High-Quality and Sustainable Tourism:

  • To enhance Bali's tourism, there is a push to attract higher-spending tourists who wish to extend their stays.
  • The aim is to move away from mass tourism that attracts low-spending and disrespectful tourists, contributing to negative behaviors.

Role of Domestic Tourism and Retail:

  • Domestic tourism driven by shopping activities is projected to bring in 1.2-1.4 billion domestic tourists.
  • Minister Uno highlighted the significant economic contribution of the creative economy, amounting to IDR 1,300 trillion and creating 45 million jobs.
  • Events promoted by the retail sector are expected to play a pivotal role in improving the tourism experience and boosting the local economy.
  • In 2023, around 3,000 events could generate up to $12 billion in economic support.

Addressing Environmental Concerns:

  • Poor air quality in Jakarta has prompted domestic and international tourists to explore alternative destinations, including Bali.
  • Minister Uno aims to improve air quality in Jakarta and shift toward electric vehicles to reduce emissions.
  • Bali's Governor Wayan Koster plans to introduce 140,000 electric motorcycles by 2026 to promote sustainable transportation.

Retail Landscape in Bali:

  • Bali remains a prominent shopping destination for tourists, offering a diverse retail experience beyond traditional markets.
  • Trendy areas like Canggu and Uluwatu host independent designers and boutique stores, catering to various tastes.
  • Prominent malls, including Beachwalk Shopping Centre, Discovery Shopping Mall, and Mal Bali Galeria, contribute to Bali's shopping appeal.
  • The recent addition of Living World Denpasar, the largest mall in the province, enhances Bali's retail offerings.


Indonesia's Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno's insights provide a glimpse into the future of tourism in the country, particularly the pivotal role of the retail sector. With projections indicating a significant increase in international tourist arrivals, Minister Uno calls for retail readiness to accommodate the growing demand for shopping experiences. Moreover, the emphasis on transitioning to high-quality and sustainable tourism reflects a commitment to enhancing the overall visitor experience in Bali. As events and retail initiatives contribute to economic growth and tourism enhancement, Indonesia's tourism industry seems poised for a transformative period, marked by innovation and environmentally-conscious practices.

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