Best Adventure Activities in Bali

Best Adventure Activities in Bali

Bali is known for its wide gastronomic, commercial and nightlife offer. Tourists are generally attracted to these vibrant opportunities which are definitely attractive and quite enjoyable. But those who want to take a break from the usual, or just want an adventurous streak on their vacation, shouldn’t be disappointed either. There are many incredible Bali Adventure activities that are ideal for creating memories of a lifetime. From spending a day splashing around in Bali’s famous water park to climbing its roaring active volcano, the country has you covered for an exhilarating adventure.

Adventurous things to do in Bali can add more thrills to your Bali vacation, especially if you prefer the great outdoors rather than the confines of a hotel. There is a wide variety of landscapes waiting to be discovered: lush mountain valleys and picturesque lakes, challenging whitewater rapids and remote villages where ancient traditions thrive. If the ideal for you is a good combination of leisure and sports, the island offers a multitude of activities for adventure lovers to indulge themselves. There’s nothing like traveling to put any relationship to the test, whether they’re adventurers, lovers of luxury, or old-school romantics.

Here is the list of the best adventure activities in Bali

White Water Rafting

You can enjoy challenging whitewater rafting on the Ayung River near Ubud. The river has the longest and largest rapids in Bali. The action and excitement begin as soon as you board your rafts and begin working together to paddle and navigate your way through the Grade 2 and Grade 3 course. A team of professional rafting guides will assist you and provide you with the necessary equipment.

One of the best Bali adventures you can experience is rafting. With many rivers providing the perfect environment for this adventure sport, it is also in high demand by action-loving tourists. The backdrop of beautiful rice terraces, sky-reaching gorges, impressive waterfalls and lush forests add to the excitement tenfold. Waters rapids are the best on Ayung River, starting in Ubud and ending at Amandari Hotel. However, there are still many others to choose from that will decide the length of your whitewater rafting.

Zip Line

If traversing Bali’s spectacular scenery with nothing but a cable and harness attached overhead sounds great to you, then ziplining is one of the best and most popular ways to truly enjoy Bali’s stunning surroundings. Ziplining in Bali is fast becoming one of your favorite adventure activities and numerous reputable operators offer ziplining at very affordable prices. Gliding through the canopy line gives you a unique bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the ground and takes you through amazing tropical jungle foliage.

Hike to Mount Batur

Embark on a journey from Serongga to the mystical beauty of nature, Mount Batur. From the soothing, soothing sound of birds to the visual delight of natural wonders, you can witness it all here. While hiking the trail you can push the limits as the ascent gets rocky at the end and is not for the faint of heart. Also, this is one of the most adrenaline pumping adventure sports in Bali that one should definitely add in their travel plan.

Barrel Pipe

Canyon Tubing is one of the greatest adventures in Bali. Imparting the perfect tropical getaway experience, the activity takes you sailing down the mighty river in a tube. As if that weren’t exciting, the wild nature that surrounds you with invigorating views of verdant forests, splashes of refreshing water, and the camaraderie of wild animals is just out of the ordinary. With class 2 rapids suitable for all age groups and a set of safety measures and instructions, the adventure is as fun as it is safe for you.


Bali is a unique island with captivating scenery and fascinating culture. This paradise island offers an excellent surfing option. There are very few other places like Bali that boast such vibrant beaches, ideal for surfing. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there are over 30 established venues on the island. Sun, sand, surf: the three words that sum up almost all of the beautiful beaches in Bali. Surf schools offer courses for both beginners and intermediate surfers. For beginners, the best places to learn to ride a wave are Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. These popular spots for adventure activities in Bali have calm waves that make it easy to paddle and find your balance, and several surf schools to get you started.

The Odyssey Surf School in Kuta and the Rip Curl Surf School in Legian are some of the best known. For advanced surfers looking for a challenge, the beaches along the Bukit Peninsula have some serious reefs and bigger ripples. Suluban and Padang Padang have waves that average over four feet. Different spots are ideal for new and experienced surfers. Some of these places also have arrangements for training. You simply cannot afford to miss out on the spectacular waves crashing against the shore, while enjoying the water sport like never before. It is a perfect adventure sport to experience on your tour of Bali.

ATV Ride

If walking isn’t your thing, how about an ATV or dune buggy adventure in Bali? It’s as fun and exciting as it can be to race challenging cross-country terrain in a compact vehicle. The four-wheel ATV Quad Bike is tough enough to handle any natural topography obstacles. It also offers an excellent view of the beautiful surroundings with bamboo jungles, plantation fields, and passing villages. The only drawback, which is actually the biggest plus point of this exciting activity, is that it throws up tons of mud. So be sure to bring a separate set of clothes to change into later.


Invented by a former jet ski champion, Franky Zapata, it combines a surfboard and a jet ski engine. You’ll be wearing a boot attached to a surfboard with a hose connected to a motor, usually from a container of water. With high pressure water, you’ll be propelled through the air, with water ejected from the nozzles, yes, much like a superhero saving the day. Everyone likes to show off a little, right? Impress your partner with your bravery and skill and have fun doing it.

One of the most exciting adventure activities in Bali, Flyboarding is a must for adrenaline seekers. The water jet thrusters are mounted on the feet of the participants, which are connected by a hose to the jet ski. The suction and pressure propel the flyboarder a few feet into the air, making them virtually fly over the water. The lack of physical support makes this even more exciting, and maintaining body balance is of the utmost importance. As he struggles to stay upright in the water jet shoes, he will surely feel the blood pounding in his ears. Instructors accompany flyboarders to ensure safety. The only criteria is to be 14 years old. If you want to try this activity, head towards Tanjung Benoa beach.

Reverse Bungy

The 5GX Reverse Bungy in Kuta has a tagline that captures the essence of what they offer: “It’s the only legal way to get high in Bali.” The ride consists of a spherical steel structure inside which you are sitting. It is connected by elastic cords to two side towers. The passenger sphere is catapulted into the air at a speed of 200 km/h and can rotate completely. All the adventure activity in Bali makes for an electrifying, if somewhat disorienting, experience. The 5GX is designed to meet international security standards. Since it runs well into the night, you can even go up after dark and gaze at the bright lights below.

Bali Flying Fish

This is the newest water sport on the market and it is worth all the fuss. The simplicity behind it undermines its complexity. Three people climb aboard a giant kite-shaped boat and let it fly. Once in the air, it drags you along the ocean. If a strong wind is blowing, the kind of thrill it gives you is unmatched. This Bali Adventure activity is a splendid sport that is extremely exciting and fun. A more recent addition to the range of activities on offer on the island, it has already earned brownie points with adventurers. Before you begin, you will be provided with a comprehensive guide and all necessary equipment. Then you have to assemble a boat, similar to a fish, which can carry a maximum of 3 passengers. While flying in the air, balance will be maintained.


There is no doubt that Bali is famous for its surf spots, but its kitesurf spots are just as good. This exciting adventure takes surfing to another level as participants jump and surf using a power kite. Adrenaline junkies are propelled by the water as they paraglide with the wind on the beach. There are three popular places in Bali to start your kitesurfing adventure: Sanur, Nusa Dua and Canggu. Each destination caters to a different experience level of kitesurfers. Those new to kitesurfing can take lessons in Sanur, which offers gentle waves and light onshore winds. However, Nusa Dua and Canggu are for experienced kitesurfers only. Always take the necessary safety precautions and never maneuver alone in the strong gusty winds of Canggu.


I hope you understand and like this list Best Adventure Activities in Bali, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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