Bali’s New Tourism Tax: What You Need to Know

Bali’s New Tourism Tax: What You Need to Know

Soon Bali, Indonesia, is gearing up to introduce a new tourism tax for international arrivals in early 2024. The Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, has expressed his support for this legislation, emphasizing the importance of effectively communicating its details to international tourists. This tax will apply to visitors arriving in Bali province via airports or seaports but will not affect other popular Indonesian destinations. The revenue generated will be dedicated to preserving Balinese culture, protecting the environment, and improving disaster services. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the key aspects of Bali's new tourism tax and what travellers need to know.

The Bali Tourism Tax: Key Details

  1. Effective Date: The tourism tax is set to be implemented in early 2024.
  2. Tax Amount: International tourists entering Bali will be required to pay IDR 150,000 per person per entry, including children.
  3. Legislation Type: The tourism tax will be introduced as a provincial legislation, specific to Bali province.
  4. Applicability: The tax will apply to tourists entering Bali by either airport or seaport.
  5. Exemption: The tax will not be applicable to other Indonesian destinations like Lombok, Jakarta, Lake Toba, and Labuan Bajo.

Purpose and Allocation of Funds

  1. Cultural Preservation: Governor Koster has assured that tax revenue will support the preservation and promotion of Balinese customs, traditions, arts, culture, and local wisdom.
  2. Sustainable Tourism: Funds will be used to promote and develop sustainable and culture-based tourism programs across the island.
  3. Environmental Protection: Part of the revenue will go toward protecting Bali's natural environment.
  4. Disaster Services: The tax will contribute to improving disaster services, including early warning systems along the southern coast.
  5. Public Transportation: Funds will be used to enhance public transportation facilities.

Convenient Payment Methods

  1. Online Payment System: An online payment system is being developed in collaboration with BRI Bank Regional Office in Denpasar to streamline the payment process.
  2. Dedicated Desk: Tourists can make their tourism tax payment upon arrival at Bali Airport via a dedicated desk.
  3. Advance Payments: Travelers can also pay in advance using the Love Bali website or app, managed by the Bali Tourism Board and Provincial Government.
  4. Automated Gate-Checking System: For those who pre-pay, an automated gate-checking system will be in place, allowing smooth entry into the country.
  5. Two Separate Payments: Tourists will initially need to process two separate payments on different websites, one for the tourism tax and another for the eVisa on Arrival.

As Bali prepares to implement its new tourism tax, tourists should be aware of the upcoming changes. The tax, set at IDR 150,000 per person per entry, aims to support cultural preservation, sustainable tourism, environmental protection, disaster services, and transportation improvements. The convenience of an online payment system and automated gate checks will make the process smoother for visitors. While adjusting to the new era of Bali's tourism may require some additional steps, it's essential to understand the tax's purpose and the positive impact it will have on Bali's unique culture and natural beauty.

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